Cubs Insider Exclusive Interview With Former Cub Steve Trout Pt 2: The Shock and the Future

Heading into the 1985 season, following a bitter, dumbfounding, heartbreaking loss to San Diego in the ’84 playoffs, the Cubs were picked by many, not just in Chicago, as the team to beat. Eckerlsey, Sutcliffe, Sanderson and Trout provided a rotation that was simply hard to beat, and the Cubs opened the season with a healthy 35-19 record by mid-June.

Then. It. Happened.

It was like some sort of disease,” said Steve Trout.

The disease had a virtual domino effect on that rotation, as one by one, the pitchers went down to injury. And with the injuries came a slide that can only be described as quintessential Cubs, as the Men in Blue went on a 13-game slide.

For many Cubs fans, the 1985 season may not have been as bitter a pill to swallow as the quick crash-and-burn of 1984, but for many, Trout included, it was slow-motion euthanasia, each game one more drop of death solution hitting that clear plastic bag connected to the needle in your arm.

“We were heartbroken, because we thought we were going to repeat it and that we had a better team than in 84. That hurt.”

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