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 Treat Your Child to One-on-One Instruction From a Former Major Leaguer

 Steve Trout’s Private Baseball Instruction Program  

Former Cubs and White Sox pitcher can work one on one with your child on baseball instruction, in a fun and educational way. Steve is a sought-after resource for students of the game in need of tips and instruction for improving pitching, hitting and fielding mechanics. Steve brings decades of knowledge and experience as a former ballplayer and someone who regularly works and speaks with major league scouts, professional baseball players and managers and retired players and managers.
Steve will work with parents to tailor instruction specific to the child’s needs. There is a minimum of a two-hour instruction slot, but you can book as many hours as you like.
To talk with Steve about scheduling one-on-one instruction for your child, or for more information about booking, email Steve at or phone (219) 218-1679.